Eurobarometer on traineeships in the EU

According to the Eurobarometer survey on the quality of traineeships in
the EU published today, a significant number of trainees feel that their
working conditions could be improved and that the learning content of
their traineeship is insufficient. Even if the majority of trainees
consider their experience useful, the survey shows that almost one in
three traineeships is dissatisfactory with regard to working conditions or
learning content.

The Eurobarometer study shows that:
– Traineeships are widespread: around half of respondents (46%) have done
a traineeship, and a high share of them has done multiple traineeships.
– Almost six out of ten trainees (59%) did not receive any financial
compensation during their last traineeship. Among those who were paid,
less than a half consider it was enough to cover basic living costs.
– Four out of ten trainees did not have a written traineeship agreement or
contract with the host organisation or company.
– Almost one in three traineeships (30%) is substandard either with
regards to learning content or working conditions. Close to 25% report
that their working conditions were different from that of regular
employees and 20% consider they have not learned anything professionally
useful during their traineeship.
– Training abroad is still rare, with only around 10% of traineeships
taking place abroad.

An analysis based on the Eurobarometer results found a significant
correlation between the quality of traineeships and the employment
outcome. In other words, those that had completed a substandard
traineeship were significantly less likely to find a job afterwards.

Find out more:
http://ec.europa. eu/public_ opinion/archives /flash_arch_ 390_375_en. htm#378  


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