Perspectives on youth “2020- What do you see?”

Perspectives on youth, issue 1

“2020- What do you see?”

Download the entire issue 1:HERE


From the deep and damaging dysfunction of the economy and the political inconsistency that promotes mobility as an asset, only to be countered by a re-drawing of xenophobia, it is a hard task to describe clear perspectives for the future. It is though a responsible task to identify the high impact issues that are and will most likely to affect young people – describe and debate them – and put them to the test cross-culturally. It is purposeful and creative to draw together analysis, drawn from quality research; mix in some opinion and vision, and sprinkle over it all some healthy cynicism. It is our hope that Perspectives on Youth will have some resonance and create critical responses across borders and communities. We hope it provides the ingredients for debate and dialogue, not contestation and rhetoric. We set our principles high at a time of a lowering of hope and ambition.

Use Perspectives on Youth as a resource to channel some positive energy into the currently pretty bleak society.

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