starting our EPTO membership

EPTO From July 2014, Danube.EDU will be part of European network for peer education-EPTO, creating an inclusive society for young people to embrace their differences and realizing their unique potential!

“EPTO’s vision is that people enjoy learning from each other how to embrace their differences and realize their unique potential.”

For young people in Europe EPTO wants to contribute towards this vision by promoting and developing peer training.

Peer’ means equal. Your ‘peer’ is someone in whom you see a part of yourself. Someone ‘like you’ in one or more aspects of your identity.

For EPTO that counts a lot! By recognizing someone as your peer, you will be able to imagine how that person may feel… ‘be in his or her shoes’.

You can find peers in the same age group but also in sharing other traits such as ethnicity, religious or philosophical belief, gender, sexual orientation, physical or personality traits, personal style, history, origins, cultural and educational background – just to mention some of them.

Making that connection is the first step in learning about how to respect others.

If you are interested in getting to know more about peer education, its meaning and value, please visit the peer training campaign website

More information here:

Welcome to all Danube.EDU volunteers in EPTO network!!!
The coordination will be done by Ioana Rasuceanu/team Danube.EDU.


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