Learn CODE

Dear friend,

Mozilla Webmaker is joining forces with Code.org and other top technology and education advocates as a partner in the global Hour of Code campaign, Dec. 8-14, also known as the “largest learning event in history.”
Computer science isn’t taught in most schools, however learning basic programming helps people develop essential life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.
We have a few fun Webmaker activities that will help you introduce learners to basic coding and computer programming. Whether in a classroom, a library, an afterschool program, or at home with some friends, you can learn and accomplish a lot in one hour.  No experience is required–all you need are a computer with Internet access and some eager learners.
Beginners (best for ages 8 and up):
  • Hack the News, Create a Digital Poster and Become a Web Private Eye!  Complete this series of three simple activities and learn about some of  the key building blocks of the web. 
Intermediate (best for ages 12 and up):
  • Snow boots or T-shirts? Create an app for your phone or the web using local weather data to help you decide what to wear. 
Visit this link to get started https://welcome.webmaker.org/signup/hourofcode2014/
Last year, 15 million students tried computer programming for at least one hour during the Hour of Code across a wide range of platforms. This year, the goal is to reach 100 million. We hope you’ll join Webmaker in this global effort.
Michelle Thorne
Director, Webmaker Program