EU- CoE youth partnership website


The EU-CoE youth partnership stems from the close relations that the Council of Europe and the European Commission have developed in the youth field over the years since 1998. The overall goal is to foster synergies between the youth-oriented activities of the two institutions. The specific themes are participation/citizenship, social inclusion, recognition and quality of youth work.

Today, the co-operation mainly focuses on:

  • Better knowledge on youth, for knowledge and evidence-based youth policy and pactice, and
  • Promotion of youth work

Moreover, special attention is paid to the geographical scope of activities and to the dissemination and publication of results. For more information about us, click here.

Would you  like to know more about our work, how it is articulated, what it focuses on, what it offers or simply find information about current development in the European you field? Do not hesitate to visit our different sections, including the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy. Keep yourself informed about our forthcoming activities through our Calendar and receive regular calls for activities, updates about recent or future events and launching of publications through our sections News.

This website is also meant to live with and thanks to you. Feel free to register and to contribute to the dissemination of information.

Looking forward to meeting you here!

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