Professionals from the Danube: Sorina Ursu

It’s time to introduce a new interview we conducted, part of a series with valuable people from the Danube. Their impressive life stories will inspire maybe… the young generation and will promote maybe… the Danube volunteering spirit. Read it and think about it… we|you| I love Danube!


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Career. After going through a challenging time of trying to find out what I would like to do for the next years of my life that would have meaning and purpose and everything, I come to a sudden realization that you simply need to look for your passions, which should be fairly easy. Find what you like and love to do more, and that is your starting point. How easy is to find that burning passion nowadays, I am not sure. Teenagers live a completely different life than what I experienced in the day. Just to make its bit more clear, the term social media hadn’t been invented back then. We always start somewhere and somehow end up in a different spot. And that is very normal. Try to always keep an open mind and embrace and accept diversity. There is so much to learn when you engage on a new and unfamiliar path, and I know it might seem scary, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Look at my example, I started out with foreign languages, pretty basic now that I think about it, but when I graduated, career opportunities came to light in a different direction and it turned out fine. Looking back, everything I’ve done connected, although it didn’t seem so sometimes, and it got me ready for the next step. Doing translations wasn’t going to be my thing for a long time anyway, now that I think about it. However, moving to an English/ French speaking country, you realize that your background, or part of it, is going to be crucial in getting familiarized with your new home. And you know what? I couldn’t have got a better boost to begin with. If you feel stuck, listen to the advice others have to offering, look for role-models, mentors, learn from them and start building. A career is not something you get in a package in the mail. It needs to be built and for that you need time. It all starts with a decision. And if you feel you haven’t found your calling, search again, decide and start again. Be in a learning mode all the time, take a course, go back to school if you can and change direction. Careers are not set in stone. You doing what you love matters the most.

Volunteering. I think I heard this term first time a long time ago, when in Romania volunteering wasn’t really a thing, or it wasn’t very common at least. I was close to finishing high school and I remember that last summer vacation, I tried to find something to do. Paid or not. And that is when I actually thought about volunteering in the true sense. Dunare.EDU was at its beginnings then. And seeing it progress as it has through the years, is amazing. What is also amazing is the opportunity the young are now given in a small community, and this opportunity can support and guide them in their future careers. So a big shout-out for this wonderful initiative! Apart from currently being a full time mom, I am also involved in some volunteering activities and what I can tell is that becoming a volunteer is a good way to learn. If you have a passion for something, other than what you do for living, assuming you love what you do, then find an opportunity and get involved. If you have a strong sense of community, then go ahead and volunteer out of your comfort zone. The rewards are immense. Volunteering is all about community and yourself, it is an ideal win-win scenario where you have the opportunity to learn and develop existing or new skills, and you get to give it back to the community and to the people, someway or another.

Volunteering has gotten to such enormous dimensions now, that it is harder to be accepted for a volunteer position than for a regular paid one. Who would have thought? So are these two, career and volunteering, connected? You could have a career of volunteering, but still need to pay bills. To sum up, I guess they do go hand in hand. Find what you like and do it well! Good luck.


Thank you Sorina!

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