Špela Majcen Marušič

What defines you?

Identity is like a mosaique which grows over time as we collect pebbles of experience on our way. Mostly, I am a proud Slovenian European, a mum who believes in a better world, cares for the environment and enjoys listening to The Beatles.


Were you a volunteer?

I volunteered as promotor of participation at the elections to the European Parliament in 2009. While participation rate in Slovenia, unfortunately, did not manage to grow that year, it was an invaluable experience for me. Talking to people on the street and hearing their concerns, stories and hopes for the European future were educational and inspiring. At the same time I also learned how to agree to disagree and hold a (semi-)reasonable conversation with Eurosceptics.


How would you describe one day in your professional life?

My work at the Euro-Mediterranean University in Piran (Slovenia) is an ever changing experience. Monotony in my office is almost an unknown, as I work on external affairs, public relations and communications, organization of events, and support the projects team. I am happy that my work requires the time in front of the computer as much as it does “on the ground work”. Going through e-mails is reserved for the morning, followed by phone calls, talks, preparation of documents and plans for the coming months. This past year, as Slovenian legislation would allow it, I was lucky to spend with my daughter Mia, learning the (sometimes impossible) skills of motherhood.


What career advice you would give?

Do what you love, and you’ll be amazing at it. Be confident in what you know, do not let yourself be discouraged. A perfect job does not fall from the sky and us millennials sometimes expect to succeed overnight. It is a journey, not a destination, and we might as well enjoy the ride.


Back to the region now. What way should we follow for a better cooperation in the Danube and Black Sea region?

Opening up hearts and minds of the people in the region is key to better cooperation. Supporting travels, exchange of ideas, collaborating on all sorts of projects, including on topics that do not seem obvious (e.g. music) will in the long run create a more connected and stronger region. Starting from childhood, we could teach our little ones to be tolerant and understanding, curious about other cultures and proud of their own. is one of those initiatives that undoubtedly lead towards a closer region.


A final message…

Laugh, travel and think outside the box.

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