Danube.EDU part of ACTIVE Board

The third ACTIVE Board meeting took place in Šala, Slovakia from 3-4 September 2016. The Board meeting was on the margins of the Workshop “From evidence to advocacy – Child Rights based tools for protecting kids from alcohol marketing” that was organised September 2, 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia by IOGT International. It was a great opportunity to combine two important activities for further development of our movement. Since the board meeting was physical meeting, board member had an opportunities to get to know each other better and build the team that will work together in coming years. Also, subjects regarding next youth camp, youth exchange in Italy, sustainable structure, political work and closer coperation with IOGT International were discussed, as well as many others. ACTIVE was happy to host Kristina Sperkova, President of IOGT International and learn more about present processes that are taking place and get deeper understanding of importance of joint work towards building societies without alcohol and other drugs. Read more about the meeting of the board at Active website.

Danube.EDU represented by Madalin N.