booklet “Promoting the Participation of Young People in the European Environment and Health Process”

Young people are active within organisations that take action on environment and health issues. These organisations such as student associations, large and small NGOs and community groups, have youth participation embedded within their structures. Many activities are youth inspired and youth led. Including young people within the environment and health process brings ideas and experience to the health process and allows the voice of young people to be heard.

The booklet “Promoting the Participation of Young People in the European Environment and Health Process” highlights practical examples of meaningful participation of young people in the European Environment and Health Process. The 26 projects referred to in the booklet are presented in detail below. The projects have been implemented by young people in various European countries, and are only a very small part of what young people are currently doing all across Europe. It is open to further additions.

The text of the projects is presented as-sent by the contributors.


European Environment and Health Youth Coalition: video contest

“City in motion: people first!”

The European Environment and Health Youth Coalition (EEHYC) is opening a call for entries to our new photo and video competition!

The competition aims to draw the attention of the public, policymakers, and relevant stakeholders to the views of young people on issues related to transport, health and the environment in Europe.

It is being organised to coincide with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Economic Commission for EuropeHigh-level Meeting on Transport, Health and the Environment which is taking place in Paris 14–16 April 2014.

What are we looking for?

We are asking you to express your views and ideas concerning how to ensure the efficient movement of people and goods in an environmentally conscious, safe and affordable way.

We encourage you to address the current challenges that transport and mobility poses to the health of individuals and the environment. This includes reflecting on the significant positive impacts of being an active individual on your health and national/ international pollution levels: by walking and cycling rather than driving your car to get to work/ school for example.

Please capture in your photos and videos the best methods on how to promote zero-emission mobility, alleviate congestion and encourage activeness among the population to combat obesity and non-communicable diseases.

You might also highlight the crucial role the public transport systems play in ensuring that there are clean, efficient, affordable, accessible with harmonised safety and information signs, in particular for the more vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, children, the poor and people with reduced mobility.

Be creative, play and most importantly – have fun! Help us to show that young people care about improving transport, environment and health!

Winner will join the EEHYC meeting in Germany in July 2014!

The detailed eligibility criteria and full terms and conditions are available on our web page:

The final deadline for submissions is 25th of March, 2014!

We look forward to receiving your entries!

Good luck!