Team Danube.EDU/ Echipa Dunare.EDU

Madalin, youth coordinator and partnership with ACTIVE fortress

Madalina si Ana-Maria, partnership with EPTO

Ana si Lorena, partnership with FOND

Cristi si Marius, partnership with ISCA

Alex si Oana, partnership with VOLUM

Project coordinators e.g. Zoom in Media, Meeting the seniors, Multi-media,etc:

Malina, Teodora, Arsene, Emi, Simona, Dragos, Andreea, George, Luci, Tibi.

Junior volunteers: Edi, Vali, Ana-Maria, Iulia,


Co-founder & Youth worker  Ana Catalui

Ana is the person to consult in terms of grass roots action and young people. She is standing by their side, give them advice, helping when in need, finding solutions for problems while maintaining the good attitude.

By profession she is a trained social worker.

Alumni @Danube.EDU

These are some of the open-hearten people that participated with time and passion in past projects. They gathered experience in youth driven projects, NGO coordination and most important community building. As professionals they have their own topics of interest, however they all have volunteering attitudes and they can help with a piece of advice if needed.

Radu Oncescu

Lavinia Iancu

Cristi Mihaila

Andreea Marinlacasuta

Cornel Marin

Ciprian Ilie

Madalina Pitoi

Iuliana Paraschiv

Ramon Tinta

Madalina Lefegiu

Irina Buleandra

Cristian Catalui

Violeta Chirica

Paula Lolot

Laurentiu Radu

Diana Costache

cap. Flavius Stanciu

prof. Niculae Mavrodin

prof. Vali Stanciu

prof. Adina Voicu

prof. Irina Gur

Martin Petrov, EVS

Isa Kasapli, EVS

Anastasia Moskvina, EVS

Saul Del Torro, EVS

Manuel Sobrino, EVS

Ianira Vergara, EVS

Founder & Advocate

Daria Catalui

Passionate public policy professional, founded Danube.EDU youth NGO in 2009. Currently working in digital education and e-skills at European level.
The professional background includes extensive work in national, regional and international contexts on non-formal education, on youth and educational policies, advocacy, ICT education, social entrepreneurship and community development initiatives.

Council of Europe article “Yoaspen 2uth is the strategic resource of a society”